Maid for Bondage, an interactive adventure
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24 Jan 2020: MfB now availible on Gumroad, via Paypal or Credit card.

Now you can buy Maid for Bondage 2.0 with Paypal on See Buy section for more info: Buy MfB!
You can still use DLsite to buy the game, but Gumroad is the recommended option.

24 Jan 2020: Due to changes in their business model, we can no longer continue to use Sellfy for selling MfB.

Sellfy has been a good reseller for us up until now, but with their new fixed price plans we can no longer recommend them for creators that sell in small volumes.
On February 1st 2020 the MfB product page on Sellfy will close down and no longer be available.

9 May 2017: MfB now availible on Sellfy, via Paypal or Credit card.

Now you can buy Maid for Bondage 2.0 with Paypal on See Buy section for more info: Buy MfB!
You can still use Oronjo to buy the game, but Sellfy is the recommended option because they support re-downloads of purchases.

24 Oct 2013: MfB now availible on Oronjo, via Paypal.

Now you can buy Maid for Bondage 2.0 with Paypal on See Buy section for more info: Buy MfB!

19 Sep 2011: MfB Merchandize now available!

Now you can buy your own exclusive Maid for Bondage merchandize on DeviantArt. Prints, Mouse-pads, Mugs, Coasters, Magnets or Greeting cards. Check it out in Bgagger's Gallery!

4 Feb 2010: Upgrade fee for non DLsite members. Thanks to all the leeches.

Due to software pirates abusing our previous efforts to get game updates to buyers who did not get a DLsite membership for their purchase. We are forced to introduce an upgrade fee in the future. We are sorry to have to do this, but for each honest buyer hundreds of others try to get a hold of the game illegally. Even going as far as lying directly to us.
If you are a new customer, please register for a free DLsite membership before buying the game. Then you will be able to get updates and re-downloads via DLsite, whenever you want. With NO upgrade fee.
More information about the details of the upgrade fee will be posted in the future.
And yes I know what you are all thinking. 'You greedy bastards!' Then you should realize we don't make a living out of selling this game alone. But we really need the extra income. If you are complaining about not having money to buy even a little game. Then well, it's the same for us. So if you want to badmouth anyone, blame the leeches.

14 Jan 2010: Top 50!

Maid for Bondage has been steadily climbing from the start and has now passed into the top 50 products ever sold on English DLsite! A big thanx to everyone who bought the game and for all your support!

2 Dec 2009: New website!

Maid for Bondage has moved into it's new home at please update your bookmarks and rss feeds.

25 Aug 2009: Buy the game with PayPal, using JPOINT!

DLsite now has the option of using the JPOINT service to buy with PayPal, no credit card needed!

17 Aug 2009: Mac testers required.

Testers are needed for a Macintosh beta of the game. You must use OS X 10.4 or later and be prepared to answer questions and give quality feedback. Only serious replies will be considered. Leeches, don't bother.

2 Jul 2009: Version 2 is out!

Version 2 of the Maid for Bondage game is now availible for purchase on DLsite. If you have already bought the previous version of the game then please read the "How to update to version 2" section for more information.

15 Jun 2009: Version 2 set to be released in July.

Version 2 of the game will be available in July. I cannot give an exact date, but a notice will be put up in the news section as soon as the update is out. More information about how to get the update if you are a former customer will be revealed at that time.

21 Mar 2009: Version 2 under development.

Development and beta testing of version 2 of the game is well under way. It is a closed beta but owners of the full version can see a sneak preview of the work in progress in the Customer bonus section. No release date is set at this time.

26 Jan 2009: Lowering selling price!

We have decided to reduce the price for the full version of the game to 1,575 JP yen (approximately USD $ 17.69 / EUR € 13.62 / GBP £ 12.79). The new pricing is in effect on DLsite now.

29 Dec 2008: Interview

DLsite has done an interview with Bgagger. You can read it here:

18 Dec 2008: Christmas bonus: Custom item.

Go to the Customer bonus page to download a bonus custom item with a Christmas theme. Happy holidays :-)

10 Nov 2008: The game is now available at English DLsite

Finally, after a long wait the game is now available to buy at DLsites English store!

6 Nov 2008: Help us get the game out faster.

The games English release has been heavily delayed for a long time now. Help us put pressure on English DLsite to release the game faster. Go to and as an "Other inquiry" ask them when Maid for Bondage from circle Bgagger will be available. The more interest shown the more likely they will get to our game soon. Spread the word!

28 Oct 2008: New site

The new official site that you see before you is now launched. This is the foremost place to check for info and news about the Maid for Bondage game.

Get these news as an RSS news feed:



(in full view the pics are 50% original game size)

Video preview

(Downloaded the vid is 50% original game size)
(Note that this video shows version 1 of the game)
Live video preview!


Maid for Bondage is a toy-like "sandbox" type of game. You can play as you wish with a cute maid. Take the role of Master or Mistress of the house and explore your bondage fantasies.


  • Featuring original art by Cao Cao, coloring by Bgagger.

  • Interact with the maid by tickling, spanking, kissing, groping, undressing, talking to her, and more...

  • Advanced emotion system, with a wide range of moods that the maid can be in at any one time. From playful or adoring to angry or crying and more. The maid's mood changes as she reacts to what you do and say to her. See her expression, dialog, reactions and more, change as you play.

  • You have access to several tools to restrain and gag the maid, including: rope, tape, ball gags, blindfolds, scarves, harness gags and more... Use as much rope as you want or add a multi-layer gag!

  • Additional tools include a working camera, a feather duster, collar, vibrator and spreader bar as well as two customizable objects with graphics that you can modify or exchange using an external image editor of your choice.

  • Highly customizable! You can change hair and eye color of the maid, her personality and name, as well as the player's name and gender. Good re-play value, play with a different maid each time.

  • Contains nearly 300 sound bits. Hear her "Mmmmpfh", squeal, whine and laugh.

  • Now with a new bondage position added for version 2!

What's new in version 2?

  • 1 Entirely new scene.
  • Undressing options in new scene.
  • More advanced boob fondling feature in new scene.
  • New items: vibrator and spreader bar.
  • Additional gags added to the new scene.
  • Transparency problem with the first custom item fixed.
  • Coloring improved.
  • New nose pinching feature.
  • More dialog and other additions.
  • More sounds added.
  • Optional gag drooling, may be turned off in setup.
  • Custom sound files for custom items added.
  • Countless other bugfixes, balancing and improvements...

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Maid for Bondage 2.0
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Updates and Re-downloads

DLsite members
As a member on DLsite you can log in, go to "Mypage" -> "Download history" in the DLsite menu and download the new version from there. You can also re-download the game at any time.
If you bought the game before registering a DLsite account, contact their support for assistance.

Gumroad buyers
As a member on Gumroad you can log in, go to the "Library" page from the main menu and re-download the game at any time.
If you bought the game before registering a Gumroad account, contact their support for assistance.

Sellfy buyers
As of 1 February 2020 MfB is no longer available on Sellfy. If you have not done so already, log in to download a backup copy before Sellfy shuts the product page down.
If you forward a copy of your Sellfy e-mail receipt to: you may receive a Gumroad discount code.

Oronjo buyers
As of 31 March 2019, Oronjo closed down their service. The site is now no longer available.
If you forward a copy of your Oronjo e-mail receipt to: you may receive a Gumroad discount code.



Will the game run on Windows 11?


The game is fully compatible with and runs just fine on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


Problems with transparency when editing the custom items.
"I can't figure out how to get rid of the white border."


The image format should be PNG-24, not PNG-8, otherwise problems with transparency will occur. I.e. The images will lose their "see through effect" and appear as if in a white box.
Certain programs such as Windows "Paint" can not properly handle the .png format, so if you use this program to edit or replace the images this problem pops up.

The lesson here is that Paint sucks in all aspects and there are tons of free image editing software out there that are way better...
Here are some examples:


Can you remove or change the clothes?


Yes, in one scene in version 2 you can undress the maid.
There are no alternative clothes as of the latest version.


Will there be more than one position for the girl to be tied in, or might that be possible in future updates? (like, lying down, standing...)


There are currently two bondage positions in the game, you can see samples of this in the Previews section.


Any chance of mummification?


No full mummification but you are able to use tape to bind her in up to seven strategic places in the first scene :-)
There are no plans for full mummification at the moment, but it can be taken into consideration.


Is there a mac version?


Unfortunately no. A mac compatible version of MfB has not been viable and there are no current plans to make one, as other projects take priority.
It should still run fine on emulators like Wine though.


If I were to buy the game now and you decided to update it, would the update be free or would I have to pay for it?


It is recommended that you become a member of DLsite or Gumroad before buying the game there. The membership is free.
If you buy the game without first having a site membership on DLsite or Gumroad then there are no updates included in the price.

DLsite Members can re-download purchased files anytime on "Download History" in "My Page".

If we make updates to the game it will be notified in the news section. Then as a DLsite member you are free to download the updated version via their website.


I don't have a credit card but I really want to buy the game, is there any other means of payment?
Do you take Paypal?


For information on the current payment options offered by DLsite, check their website: About Payment Methods.
For information on the current payment options offered by Gumroad, check their website: A guide to buying on gumroad.


I have Windows 2000 and the game/demo won't run. I get an error that says "The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll could not be found in the specified path".


Try upgrading to Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.
Alternatively you can see if you can find the file gdiplus.dll on your computer, copy it into the same directory as the game files. Note that this is not guaranteed to work and it is recommended to upgrade to SP 4.


When I buy the game, will it show anything related to bondage or whatever, on the bill?


As it says on the DLsite website FAQ:
"- will be mentioned on your credit card bill. The details of your purchases will not be mentioned."

So no one can see what you bought, just that it was something from the DLsite website.


Can you change the character in the game to look like Hinata from Naruto? I would love to buy the game then!


No. A version of the game with a character who looks like [InsertCopyrightedCharacterHere] from [InsertNameOfAnime/ComicbookHere]. Is not going to happen.


The bottom part of the game won't show, I can't find the "Begin" button on the starting screen.


The games Minimum system requirements states you must have a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels. Otherwise the game window will not fit on screen.
Most Netbooks and some Laptop screens do not support this resolution.


Code, dialogue, coloring and support

Cao Cao


Unfortionaly I have had to disable the comment function because of an asshole that decided to try and Spam it to bits...
If said asshole is reading this, I want you to know you are a sad, sad excuse for a human being. That is all.

If anyone wants to leave a message you can still contact us via e-mail and you are welcome to post a review on the DLsite product page.


It rocks bro!

- Tue Oct 28, 2008, 02:43:14


I got to field test this bad girl and SHE ROCKS!

- Tue Oct 28, 2008, 05:09:08

Black Heart

I only got the demo version but it\'s really good.
Can\'t wait to get the full version thought

- Mon Nov 17, 2008, 10:57:26


I\'m also enjoying the game so far and will be sure
to purchase the full version once I obtain a means
to do so. The variety of sound effects and
options, even with my current demo version, is
quite fun and makes for interesting choices.

As a suggestion, for distributing updates to
non-site members, you could try requiring the
input of the game\'s bonus password or at least a
screenshot using purchased features. Basically,
something unique to the game that non-owners can\'t
easily fake to avoid moochers.

- Fri Nov 21, 2008, 04:19:15


This game is awesome! I hoped someone would have
made one for years. I\'ve bought the full version
and its what I had been looking for. It was great
news to read that there will be updates to expand
this already versatile game.

- Sun Nov 30, 2008, 02:46:20


The samples would not show. What am I doing
wrong?   Jiggs

- Mon Dec 01, 2008, 07:46:19


any new updates coming?

or maybe some help for the secrets, also for the
games in the customer section?

- Tue Dec 16, 2008, 01:07:57


\"any new updates coming?

or maybe some help for the secrets, also for the
games in the customer section?\"

News about future updates will come in due time.
No official comments at the moment.

The secrets will remain secret for now. There are
a few minor ones hidden in the game. And the other
games in the bonus section are not supported here,
this site is for MfB only.

- Wed Dec 17, 2008, 01:48:56


I must say, this is pretty impressive. Well done
you 2

- Sun Dec 21, 2008, 04:34:35


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